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Name: Susanne Niederhauser Birthday: 13th of August, 1970 (Wels/Austria) Marital Status: in a happy relationship Off-Season weight: 140 lbs - Competiton weight: 135 lbs Height: 5`5 It started in July 1986 when I was almost 17 years old. I decided to enter a gym together with my older brother Dieter. Actually I was looking for a hobby as a change to the office job. I was fascinated by the trained bodies of "Anja Langer" and Cory Everson" from the beginning. When I watched the first competition in autumn 1987 I knew... this is my sport. I wanted to be a female bodybuilder and I wanted to compete some day. Eight years later I did it. My weight at the first competition was 119 lbs. From this time onwards I never stopped competing. Since 1995 I have competed almost every year at least once. I´m lucky to be a part of a wonderful family. Beside my sport and my job I love to go out with friends - most of all for a good dinner, but this is mostly "forbidden" because of dieting. I love to read, listen to music or go to the movies. One of my favourite hobbies is web design. For my living I work at a daily newspaper. It`s a full time job and I look after our subscribers, the personal advertisers and sell tickets for different events. Job - sport - amily - housework and friends to handle all this is sometimes really a trick. Especially in the last weeks before a competition. For me is female bodybuilding is a perfect package of muscles - definition - symmetry and feminity and I´m trying to reach my peak.